Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Five Late-Night Restaurants Article

The day I went to the Grove to photograph the new Madewell store was also the day I ran around the city to get pictures of five popular late-night restaurants. I wanted to finish all five restaurants before my meeting at Madewell at 3 (which I did), but due to so much traffic in LA because it was two days before Thanksgiving, I had to hustle my butt off. At one point I had to stop to get gas and I swear I suddenly morphed into a pitstop team at a NASCAR race.

Anyway, here is the article. I really liked Red Medicine (I actually tried the drink, #73, that Sarah suggests in the article - SO GOOD) and the decor of 25 Degrees was really cute - there's also one in Chicago! Here are more photos of the restaurants:

Red Medicine

25 Degrees

101 Coffee Shop

BCD Tofu House