Sunday, November 11, 2012

Street Style at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Aimee - yes, that is Aimee Song, blogger of Song of Style

Taking street style pics at the Rose Bowl Flea Market is rather challenging... it's really crowded so I have to deal with people being in the background of my shots. Also, since I'm now using my new 50 mm lens, this forces me to distance myself further from the subjects, thus I'm in everybody's way or no one notices me crouching on the ground with a camera and they just stand in my shot and so I have to utter very Garth Algar-like "Excuse me, sir, can you move over a bit, thanks"... *cue the dirty looks*.

I also realized that the kind of girls/women I tend to look for when shooting street style are somewhat a rarity at the Rose Bowl because going there is quite the workout and no one really wants to dress up for that...sorting through vintage clothing, antiques, etc. doesn't exactly scream a chic outfit. But I am pleased with the girls I was able to track down because regardless of the event, these subjects dressed amazingly with an effortless feel. Thanks Refinery29 for the challenge!