Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Madewell at The Grove

Yesterday I was probably in my car for a total of 7 hours. I was working on an upcoming article that will feature a handful of restaurants so I was running all around LA going from one place to the next, then I had to stop at The Grove to shoot the new Madewell store (which is open today!) and then I sat in traffic for THREE HOURS getting back to Orange County.

It was a painful day but nevertheless I got some pretty great pictures. The Madewell store is amazing and it was cool that I got to see it before it was open to the public. I was dying walking around because I wanted to take/buy everything! I was secretly hoping that the Madewell people would give me a gift for taking pictures of their store, but sadly they didn't! I was eyeing this bag the whole time:

The Camden Bag

I took about 140 pictures of the store and only seven were chosen for the Refinery29 article (here), so I'm going to share my favorites.