Thursday, December 27, 2012

Susie Homemaker

Although I love photography and I am a photo intern for Refinery29, I didn't want anything photo-related for Christmas. Not one thing. I know photography has kind of been defining who I am lately, but I just have gotten sick of all the camera accessories and lenses and flashes that I've had to get lately.

As you can tell I love desserts and I love baking desserts even more so, so I got a bunch of baking-themed presents this year. Adorable measuring cups, jars to hold sugar/spices/etc., a subscription to Bon Appetit magazine all from my sister; a Cuisinart ice cream maker to add fuel to the fire with my addiction to ice cream - from my mom; and a KitchenAid stand mixer from my dad! I've wanted the last gift for years - any time I was ever in a department store with my mom, I would find myself admiring all the pretty KitchenAid mixers in different colors, but I always said I would want a silver one because it would match any kitchen.

So apparently, turning 23 (on December 26th) was actually like turning 60. I have become an old lady and I will bake all day and talk to my cats while I do it. Fine by me!