Wednesday, December 19, 2012

LA's Coolest Coffee Shops

Last week, I was given the assignment to shoot a handful of coffee shops around LA. Out of the 12 coffee shops on the list, I only needed to shoot 5 because the others provided their own pictures, but I was a good little photographer and shot 9 of them. All of the coffee shops I trekked to were really freaking cool: the employees/managers of these places were really great; each place had unique and beautiful d├ęcor; and obviously, all (or the three I tried) had delicious (and strong) coffee/espresso drinks. The article (here) went up today and it looks amazing. Take a look, or better yet, go visit these places!

Bourgeois Pig
I was excited to go to this place because I thought it was the same as the Bourgeois Pig in Chicago (a favorite of mine), but alas, it wasn't. The cool thing about this coffee shop is that it is open until 2am. I went here when it was raining like crazy last week, so that was rough, and it took me 30 minutes to find parking. 

The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa
The Conservatory is right down the street from my sister's house in Culver City so getting there was very convenient, but it was SO crowded in the little coffee shop that I had to squeeze by the line to get in and there wasn't much room for me to get a lot of pictures. Nevertheless, I liked it and will go again when it's less crowded (if that's possible). 

Bourbon Street Cafe
Located in Koreatown, I found Bourbon Street Cafe tucked away in a little outdoor mall/plaza. The coffee shop was beautiful and very cozy, and I absolutely loved the bar seating area. As part of the assignment, I had to order a drink from 3-5 places to photograph it, and so I chose to get the chocolate chip affogato (chocolate chip ice cream with espresso poured over it). Because it was 10 in the morning, I was a brat and didn't try it, BUT it looked good. Sorry for being a wimp. 


Bricks & Scones
Loved, loved, LOVED this place. From the beautiful chandelier in the main room, to the winding staircase leading to the upstairs seating area equipped with a library, to the chalkboard menu, to the delicious scones... this place won me over. I ordered a latte and a blueberry scone and just wanted to stay there for the rest of the day. I can't wait to go back. Oh yeah and Anthony, the guy who served me was super friendly and made the experience that much better.

Stir Crazy Coffee Shop
All I have to say about this place: funniest manager and owner ever. Oh, and great orange juice. And very cozy and small. But still, funniest guys. 

Graffiti Sublime Coffee
White + black + and a hint of red = a very chic coffee shop. The guys who worked there were very cool and made me their specialty drink, Sister Midnight (espresso, milk, and ganache chocolate over ice... YUM). The space was enormous and just beautiful to look.

Muse on 8th

Paper or Plastik
This was my 2nd favorite of the bunch (Bricks & Scones reigning supreme, of course)... but I loved it based only on aesthetics - I didn't try the coffee! 

Espresso Profeta
Espresso Profeta, located in Westwood, was my last stop on the coffee shop journey. Since my dad works so close I invited him along, and it was nice for him to finally see me in my element. Here, I ordered a flat white, which is similar to a latte, but it was SO strong. The guys working there were messing around with me and jokingly wouldn't let me leave until I actually tried it, so I did, and let's just say I felt pretty jittery after it - I only had 2 sips!