Monday, December 3, 2012

Meeting Scott Schuman

Yesterday was a really big day for me. Because my sister is the best, she told me that street style photographer Scott Schuman (of "The Sartorialist") would be signing his new book "Closer" down the street from her house at Arcana Books on the Arts. Schuman is a huge influence on me as a photographer - his approach to street style in an editorial sense is what I admire most about him. Not only does he capture what his subject is wearing, but he tells a story by making the background/setting as important to the picture as the model. I believe it was my friend Jay who introduced me to Schuman's site when we were waiting for French to start a couple years seriously, thank you Jay!

As I was pulling into the parking lot at Arcana and trying to find a spot, Schuman was just then walking into the bookstore and it was just the weirdest thing to see him in real life with a camera in tow.   For the book signing, each person was able to sit down and talk to him while he was signing the book... which I worried about the whole time while I was in line. I was so nervous to talk to him, but when it came to my turn I sucked it up and told him that I shoot street style as well and that I hoped to one day be on the same level as him. He was really sweet and charming, and said I had a long way to go because it took him forever to get to where he is now. Got a few pictures with him, shook his hand, and got a "good luck" from him as I was walking away. Amazing.