Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You Have My Permission to Call it a Comeback

So. Here we are. I created this blog sophomore year at Loyola when I was extremely bored in my studio apartment when I was most likely laying in bed watching Real Housewives of Orange County or whatever (not much has changed). Except for the fact that I graduated from college in Chicago, moved back to California and therefore basically kissed goodbye everyone I knew in Chicago and all the memories I made there, slummed around Orange County all summer, got a new car, and gasp! got a (PAID) photography internship at Refinery29.

I made this blog back in 2009 as a way to inspire me: I posted stills from my favorite movies, pictures from my favorite photographers, and some of my own photos (ranging from those taken in the beloved Georgetown dorm to my trip to Berkeley to a bunch from high school). I gave up on the blog after 5 months because I didn't take it seriously in the slightest (surprise surprise). But this time it's different. I have an amazing internship that gets me out of the house and into the world (or, Los Angeles) and I want to post everything that I will be doing for the website. Not all of the photos I take will make the cut, and I just want to put them online for myself as a way for me to look back on this and remember all the cool assignments I was given (for example, tomorrow I have to photograph a handful of LA's best bars, none of which I have gone to). Here's to hoping I don't give up on this within the next month! P.S. This is a nice visual for what I did all summer: