Thursday, October 25, 2012

Best Bars LA, Blipsy Barcade

This week I was given the assignment by my editors at Refinery29 to shoot some of LA's best bars around the city. Prior to shooting, I called up each bar and asked for permission and everything went rather smoothly (with the exception of Skybar/Asia de Cuba...which ended up working out!). I absolutely loved the assignment because it gave me a chance to see neighborhoods of LA I had never seen before, visit bars I would have never gone to, and meet some pretty awesome people. I've been working for Refinery for what? two weeks now and it's amazing how much I'm growing up as a person because of it. My social skills which used to be almost non-existent are improving immensely. I'm not a huge talker and lack the skill of small-talk; so dealing with strangers/anyone isn't my forte. ALRIGHT ALRIGHT I am exaggerating a bit, I'm not that bad. BUT after shooting the street style pictures (where I literally have to creep on girls who I think have good style, follow them, and bombard them with my camera) and meeting with the bar owners and staff of today's assignment, I really am getting better and am actually finding it exciting being thrown into these situations. Hooray for maturing.

ANYWAY! My favorite bar of the bunch was definitely Blipsy Barcade. Located on Western in Wilshire Center/Koreatown, Blipsy is hard to find for the reason that there is absolutely no sign. Luckily I did my research beforehand and the good people at Yelp told me it was directly across the street from the giant KFC and next to a laundromat. Thanks guys.

Once I made my way through the black curtains, I found myself in a dark, single long room filled with arcade games, random toys, (good) loud music, and 5 older men (it was not even 5pm at the time). It was amazing. The BEST part about the bar was Ricardo: the bar's owner/bartender. He was just a really cool guy. Period. He bought me a drink (a strong one at that) after I was done shooting and I just sat at the empty bar and talked to him a bit while the older men played games (ha). I cannot wait to go back just so I can hang out with Ricardo and shoot the shit with him. It also helps that he's rather attractive.
Bottom line: Blipsy is definitely a hidden treasure; Ricardo is the best. Go!