Friday, February 8, 2013

Best Pasta Dishes

For my latest assignment, I shot three of the top 10 pasta dishes in LA for a R29 article. I went to Son of a Gun (where I was hoping I would be able to meet Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, because I absolutely love them, but they are just too popular these days!); then I went to Osteria Mozza; and then finally made my way downtown to Bestia. Bestia was very interesting: driving there was slightly scary because I'm pretty sure I drove by Skid Row and I did that slowly-lock-the-doors-when-at-a-stoplight move because it was THAT bad. So I'm in a deserted, industrial area and I cannot find this damn restaurant. Turns out it's in this huge warehouse section and it was just AMAZING. Like heaven in the middle of nowhere. I cannot wait to go back and have dinner and drinks. I got to eat the pasta dish I shot there and it was freaking scrumptious.

Here's the article!

 Osteria Mozza

Son of a Gun