Sunday, January 27, 2013

Werk It

Although I'm not one of those people that constantly talks about working out or eating healthy, I still take working out seriously. It has taken me a long time to figure out what works best for my body and I can definitely say that running on the treadmill or working out on the machines at the gym is not for me. At the gym, I put most of my energy into people-watching and making fun of the weirdos.
I did Pilates in college because at my school's gym we had THE BEST instructors (and most of them were fellow students), but now since joining 24hr Fitness, I've come to the realization that Pilates isn't popular anymore: it's all about turbo kickboxing and Body Pump, both of which I have no interest in.

What I'm now obsessed with is PiYo Strength. I go twice a week and I leave every class cursing the instructor because I'm in so much pain (and that's after going for about three months). And the thing is that I can tell that I'm taking the right kind of class because when looking around, all the women, regardless of how young or old they are, have the best bodies: long and lean. I also do Zumba only because my mom teaches it and I love dancing, and hikes are my go-to when it comes to cardio. Within 5 miles of where I live, there are at least 3 amazing and tough hiking trails that I fully take advantage of.

ANYWAY, I mostly wanted to dedicate this post to booty exercises. I've recently started caring about getting my ass in shape (literally) because I've neglected it for as long as I've been working out. Now that I'm getting older, I need to not let gravity take its toll and realize that although my butt is kind of non-existent, it still will sag when I'm 40 (nice visual, huh?).

So here are some of favorite youtube videos that are devoted to working the butt:

I've been doing Tracy Anderson workouts for over 2 years and I am still not bored.

The two videos above are part of a 30-day butt routine, but I just stick to these two. The woman leading the workout cracks me up every time and has a crazy-good figure. So that's inspiring.

This one is great for when you don't have much time to work out. Warning: a lot of air-humping takes place in this one.

Kathy Smith annoys the hell out of me (sorry Kath), but the lady knows her stuff. I also do all the other workouts from her Peel off the Pounds series.

So yeah, try these! And definitely give PiYo Strength a chance!